About Torres del Paine and the W Trek

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Torres del Paine National Park, located in southern Patagonian Chile. Most important is that this enchanting park earned the prestigious UNESCO World Biosphere designation in 1978. Above all, immerse yourself in awe-inspiring and world-class natural wonders, including jaw-dropping scenery and exhilarating trekking trails.

Introduction to What’s on This Page

On this page, we will showcase the captivating attractions and exceptional accommodation options in and around the breathtaking Torres del Paine National Park, including the iconic W Trek.

Particularly, we will provide key information about the iconic W and Circuit trek trails.

In addition, every link will effortlessly transport you to our master Torres del Paine site, where all the finer details await.

Therefore, join us on this extraordinary journey and let Torres Del Paine be your gateway to unforgettable experiences in one of the world’s most awe-inspiring destinations. Start planning your dream adventure today!

Torres Del Paine Torres Reflection Laguna Amarga Experience Chile
Torres Del Paine Kayak Lago Grey Experience Chile

The W Trek and Other World-Class Trekking Trails in Patagonia’s Torres del Paine National Park

Experience the well-known “W” and Full Circuit Treks, and encounter magnificent sights like the Grey Glacier, Salto Grande, Salto Paine, vibrant rivers, pristine lakes, and diverse wildlife such as the Puma, Rhea, Guanaco, and fox. Moreover, keep your eyes peeled for a wide variety of birdlife, including fascinating birds of prey.

What We Do

Welcome to Experience Chile, an esteemed receptive travel operator based in Chile with over 35 years of local expertise. Particularly, as specialists in Patagonia, we craft tailor-made itineraries and seamlessly arrange all your travel logistics. Equally, if you desire a Patagonian or Antarctic expedition cruise, a visit to El Calafate, or an adventure in El Chalten, we’ve got you covered.

Simply reach out to us at request@experiencechile.org, and rest assured that your inquiry will be answered by a human, not a computer!

The Torres Base
At The Torres Del Paine Towers Base Experience Chile
French Valley
Looking Down The Torres Del Paine French Valley Experience Chile
Glacier Grey
W Trek Glacier Grey Torres Del Paine Experience Chile

About the W Trek

Markedly, the Torres del Paine W Trek is an almost 63km path that takes the pattern of a “W” route when viewed down from above. For example, each “arm” of the W ventures into a valley (one end reaches the Torres Base and the other gets to Glacier Grey), and the central inverted “V” enters into the middle, iconic valley, called the French Valley.

Accommodation Along the Trail

Most important about the trek is that along the trail are accommodation options where hikers can stop for the night and receive shelter, food, bathroom and shower facilities.

All things considered, there are various accommodation alternatives, however, the most common are either serviced camping, or inside refugios that offer dormitory rooms and bunk beds. Most important is that we detail these options further below as well as private rooms in hotels, glamping and upmarket lodges.

In summary the W Trek can be hiked in full over 4 days, or an express version, a shortened trek, is available covering 3 days.


Typically, the trek is hiked in one of the following orders of accommodation:

Chileno > Cuernos or Frances > P Grande > Grey (4 Nights)

Central > Cuernos or Frances > P Grande > Grey (4 Nights)

Express Versions:

Chileno or Central > Cuernos or Frances (2 nights)

Chileno or Central > Cuernos or Frances > P Grande (3 Nights)

Experience Chile also offers a unique “rapid express” option involving 2 nights on the trail and the other nights in a comfortable hotel in Puerto Natales.

The Circuit Trek

In addition to the “W” is the full circuit trek that takes in the back country of Torres del Paine. The Full Circuit includes the “W” and will require 8 days.

If you’d like us to create an all-inclusive W Trek itinerary for you, please EMAIL US here:


Torres Del Paine W Trek  Map by Experience Chile
Catamaran Schedule Pudeto - Paine Grande - Pudeto 2023-24

It should be noted in the event that a crossing is oversubscribed the operator will initiate an additional crossing to take people. Also, VERY IMPORTANT is that all passengers MUST have a valid ticket to travel.

Another key point is that at Pudeto there is a cafeteria where passengers can wait.


From Pudeto 10:30hrs

Departs Refugio Paine Grande 18:00hrs


From Pudeto 10:30hrs and 18:00hrs

Departs Refugio Paine Grande 11:05hrs and 18:35hrs


From Pudeto 09:00hrs and 10:30hrs and 18:00hrs

Departs Refugio Paine Grande 09:35hrs and 11:05hrs and 18:35hrs


From Pudeto 09:00hrs and 10:30hrs and 16:15hrs and 18:00hrs

Departs Refugio Paine Grande 09:35hrs and 11:05hrs and 17:00hrs and 18:35hrs


From Pudeto 10:30hrs and 18:00hrs

Departs Refugio Paine Grande 11:05hrs and 18:35hrs

Per Person Ticket Cost Ch$25.000 or USD30 each way

Advance Reservations

You cannot make advance reservations available unless part of a W Trek All-Inclusive Program.

Most important, the crossing takes 25 minutes between Paine Grande and Pudeto or vice-versa.

Clothes to Pack


All Links Below Lead to Our Master Torres del Paine Site

W Trek Accommodation Options

Most important is that on the left is a video explaining all about the accommodation options in and around Torres del Paine. Further below that are a number of entry links to our Torres del Pane master site with full descriptions of the various options.

Along the Trail

Particularly along the W Trek trail there are the following categories of accommodation:

Premium Camping, new to the W Trek, are good quality tents pitched on a high-raised platform, offering protection from the cold air at ground level.

Serviced Camping, which means a tent pitched on a platform or just the ground, with ground mats and sleeping bags provided.

Premium Camping
Premium Camping W Trek Experience Chile
Refugio Dorm Room W Trek Experience Chile
Domes at Frances
Dome Frances Dorm Room W Trek Experience Chile
Serviced Camping
Serviced Camping W Trek Experience Chile
Cabins at Cuernos
Cabin Interior Cuernos W Trek Experience Chile

Refugios: are solid buildings containing dorm rooms of 6 bunk beds in each room.

Domes: are like refugios except that they have a metal frame over which is tough plastic that forms a dome-shaped cover. Also, they have dorm rooms with bunk beds.

Cabins: only at Cuernos are small A-framed, private cabins offering capacity for two people with a small log-burning stove and a balcony.

Locations – on the W Trek trail for accommodation is at: Chileno, Central, Cuernos, Frances, Paine Grande and Grey.

Alternative Trek Accommodation Options

Most important are the other options: from all hotels, luxury lodges and glamping accommodation you can also hike parts, or all of the W Trek. Such places are ECO Camp, Patagonia Camp, both in the Glamping category; Estancia Cerro Guido, Hotel Grey, Hotel Las Torres, Hotel Rio Serrano, Hotel Paine; Lodge Kau; Luxury Lodges Tierra, Explora and Awasi. More info about these is further below.

Ask Experience Chile to book these because if we do, we will include something extra free of charge.

More information is provided below as well an excellent map showing the locations of all the Torres del Paine accommodation.

Experience Chile specializes in arranging all-inclusive W Trek itineraries and with over 30 years’ experience we are well placed to help you.

If you’d like us to suggest or create an itinerary for you, please EMAIL US here:


Torres del Paine Luxury Lodges

All things considered, there are three lodges in the Torres del Paine area that can be classed as luxury and each one has its own unique attributes. Therefore, here below we offer a brief description of each one. However, there are also two other excellent options (shown further below), for a top-stay experience based in Puerto Natales and these should also be considered seriously.

It should be noted that in every case Experience Chile is here to make your arrangements and if we do, we will add onto your itinerary some attractive extras free of charge, so please get in touch: request@experiencechile.org

Tierra Patagonia – request@experiencechile.org 

For one thing, this lodge is the epitome of excellent architecture. The outside perfectly blends in with the natural landscape and the inside offers an incredible amount of beautifully furnished space.

As can be seen from the moment of entry guests will be hit by the “wow” factor. Rooms are a mix of being spacious and equipped with modern furnishings and out of the window on the wall opposite the large King-sized bed is an incredible view to the Torres del Paine Massif.

Explora Salto Chico – request@experiencechile.org 

Specifically, the Explora Salto Chico hotel, or lodge, is the pioneer of the all-inclusive concept of hotel stays in Chile. Another key point is that it was also this lodge that showed the way with regards to placing accommodation in the heart of a stunning natural location offering stunning views directly out of the bedroom window.

Above all Explora still retains is unique, central location in Torres del Paine offering good services, great views and modern spa facilities.

Awasi – request@experiencechile.org 

Unlike the other luxury lodges in and close to Torres del Paine, Awasi does not offer any spa facilities. However, what it does specialize in is providing a dedicated private guide with vehicle to each guest room. Rooms are spacious and to a high standard also.


Singular Puerto Natales – request@experiencechile.org 

The Singular Patagonia is one of the most imaginative and genius hotel concepts ever devised. As an illustration, it occupies the shell of an historic sheep export shed. However, the hotel offers unique, spacious areas, a top restaurant, a museum and very spacious guest rooms with large windows that offer a lovely view to the fiord.

In particular Singular is a superb option from where to enjoy comfort and enjoy Torres del Paine.

Remota Puerto Natales – request@experiencechile.org 

The Remota hotel is an interesting building offering vast amounts of open space, lots of windows through which to appreciate the natural exterior view, and very spacious guest rooms. In addition, there is a decent indoor pool and spa area.

Moreover, Remota is an excellent alternative from which to venture into Torres del Paine.






Tierra Patagonia
Tierra Patagonia View From Room Experience Chile
Explora Salto Chico
Pool Torres Del Paine Experience Chile Explora Swimming
Awasi Patagonia
Room Torres Del Paine Experience Chile Awasi Dining
Singular Patagonia
The Singular Matrimonial Experience Chile
Remota Patagonia
Hotel Remota Exterior Experience Chile

Hotels and Other Types of Accommodation

It should be noted that at either end of the W Trek there are hotels, and at the eastern end there is also the ECO Camp. Furthermore, in other parts of the park there is a great Estancia, another Glamping option with Patagonia Camp, a good mid-level lodge and several hotels. Most important is that the level of accommodation and services varies from hotel to hotel. Therefore, you need to be careful what you choose.

All-Inclusive Options

It should be noted that some of these properties offer all-inclusive itineraries that include options to trek all, or some of the W Trek as well as other activities and sightseeing tours.

If you’d like us to create an itinerary for you, please EMAIL US request@experiencechile.org

Hotel Paine
Hotel Pane Torres Del Paine Experience Chile
Glamping Patagonia Camp
Hotel Pane Chile
Estancia Cerro Guido
Estancia Cerro Guido Torres Del Paine Experience Chile
Lago Grey Hotel
Hotel Grey Experience Torres Del Paine
Kau Serrano Lodge
Kau Serrano Lodge
Hotel Las Torres
Las Torres Del Paine Experience Hotel Chile
Rio Serrano Hotel
Rio Serrano Hotel
Glamping ECO Camp
Glamping Eco Camp Torres Del Paine Experence Chile

Torres del Paine Accommodation Location Map

TDP MAP Hotels & Refugios

Places of Interest

Cuernos View Point

Glacier Grey

Salto Grande

Laguna Amarga

Laguna Cebolla

Lake Nordenskjold

Ascensio Valley

Condor View Point

Cascada Paine Viewpoint

Lake Sarmiento Beach

Serrano Viewpoint

Lake Toro Viewpoint

Navigation Grey


W Trek Torres Base

French Valley W Trek

W Trek Footbridge Across Ascensio River

Circuit Trek Dickson Glacier and Lake

Seron Valley Circuit Trek

Perros Sector Circuit Trek

John Gardner Pass Circuit Trek

Circuit Trek Camping Perros

Laguna Azul

Webber Bridge Trek

Ferrier Trek

Pingo Trek

Lake Sarmiento Trek

Actual Pingo Waterfall


Bird of Prey Eagle

Huemul Deer

Cormorant Bird

Flamingos in Torres del Paine

Puma Torres del Paine

Common Churrete

Torres del Paine Skunk

Fish Martin Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine Carancho

Guanacos Torres del Paine

Salto Grande Viewpoint
Torres Del Paine Salto Grande From Distance Experience Chile
Condor Viewpoint
Torres Del Paine Mirador Condor By Cascada Expediciones
Laguna Amarga Viewpoint
Torres Del Paine Reflection Laguna Amarga Experience Chile
Cascada Paine Viewpoint
Torres Del Paine Paine Waterfall Experience Chile
Grey Glacier Navigation
Torres Del Paine Glacier Grey Experience Chile 2
Serrano Viewpoint
Torres Del Paine Mirador Serrano Experience Chile
Cuernos Viewpoint
Torres Del Paine Mirador Cuernos By Dezzouk

About Torres del Paine Full Days

Unquestionably, if you are based in Torres del Paine or at Puerto Natales you may well be interested in a half or full day tour around Torres del Paine National Park. Particularly, our private tours involve a pickup from (and return to) your hotel, which will usually be in a minivan with driver, and an optional guide.

It should be noted that the tour itself will take in the main viewpoint sights on the way to the park, and in the park. In addition, if contracted, the Navigation Grey boat trip to see Glacier Grey can be part of the experience.

Principal Stop-Off Points

Here on the left we show some of the main stop-off sights on one of these tours.

However, it should be noted that our specialty is to create a custom itinerary for YOU, therefore, any tour will be designed to what you want to see.

If you’d like to include a Torres del Paine half or full day tour, please send us an email:


Activities In and Around Torres del Paine


What Activities are there in the Torres del Paine Area?

The main activity in Torres del Paine is trekking, but there are also other interesting outdoor pursuits.

Kayak & Ice Hike

For example, around Refugio Grey there is Kayak and Ice Hiking on Grey Glacier. In addition, there is the navigation Grey boat that departs from Hotel Grey and visits the glacial face as well as acting as a ferry to transport people between Refugio Grey and Hotel Grey.

Fast Speed Zodiac

Moreover, from the Serrano sector there is a fast-speed zodiac boat that runs down and up the Serrano River to a point at the river mouth where there is the spectacle of Serrano Glacier coming down the mountain and into a lagoon.

Please click through from the links to be led directly to all the activity options that we can include on your Torres del Paine itinerary.

Navigation Grey
Torres Del Paine Navigation Grey Experience Chile
Kayak Grey
Torres Del Paine Lago Grey Kayak Experience Chile
Zodiac Serrano
Torres Del Paine Zodiac Rio Serrano Experience Chile
Glacier Grey Ice Hike
Torres Del Paine Glacier Grey Ice Hike Experience Chile


Arrivals to Torres del Paine
Santiago to Puerto Natales
Torres Del Paine Flight Arrivals Experience Chile
Private Transfers to and from
Torres del Paine
Torres Del Paine Transfer Services Mini Van Experience Chile
How About El Chalten and El Calafate?
Mention it in Your Enquiry
El Chalten Experience Chile
What Time Is Torres del Paine National Park Open?

It should be noted that although Torres del Paine National Park is open 24hrs during the Chilean summer months, its entry points are staffed between 08:00hrs AM to 20:00hrs PM. Therefore, although you can depart after 20:00hrs it is not guaranteed that you will be allowed entry after 20:00hrs unless you have a very good reason to do so.

How Many People Visit Torres del Paine?

Source: Conaf Chile

Season 2017 – 2018 Total visitor numbers were – 246,500

The Season 2018 – 2019 Total visitor numbers were – 267,691

Season 2019 – 2020 Total visitor numbers were – 248,895

Why is Torres del Paine so Popular?

In brief, the popularity of Torres del Paine is down to its unique, dramatic, visual geography, exhilarating trekking trails, millennial glaciers and the fact that it is open during the Chilean summer when most people wish to escape the cold, northern hemisphere winter.

When is the Best Time to Visit Torres del Paine National Park?

Above all, in order to avoid the crowds, the best months to visit Torres del Paine are October, March and April.



In order that we can best serve you please include as much information as you can about what you want to do, what you want to experience, where you want to go and what budget you have in USD for all people in your enquiry. In addition, how many people in your party, what type of bed configuration you need (matrimonial, twin, single etc.)


Should you be considered a VIP for example a known celebrity and/or political and/or businessperson, and you need “special attention” such as privacy and/or security for your trip please consider using an alias in your enquiry but mention that you are VIP. One of the directors will handle your request and keep your real name and details confidential (when you reveal who you are).

Remember, our expertise is to create a travel itinerary custom-built to your needs.

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